1. Prices
Prices offered can be maintained if the quantities and qualities indicated in the offer are ordered in their entirety and without changes. The prices are established on the basis of determining costs on the day of transmission of offer. We therefore retain the right to modify our prices in the event of significant changes in the factors used as a basis for calculation of the prices.

2. Sales
Sales are understood to be ex works in the absence of a written agreement on our part. The product/s remain the property of Craft Me South Africa until paid in full. The customer obtains property rights only after the total outstanding amount for the specified invoice has been paid.

3. Quotes and Invoices

Craft Me South Africa is a Vat registered company and complies with SARS regulations. For the purposes of pricing or quotes including Pro Forma Invoices, Vat is not included. Unless Vat appears on your invoice you accept that Vat will be added.

4. Transport Risk

We assume no responsibility for errors or discrepancies in weight, errors in shipment, loss, damage and other incidents in the cases where the customer has nominated a third-party transporter. Any and all such claims must be made directly with the transporter and not Craft Me South Africa

5. Delivery lead times
Delivery details are established based on the best estimation. Indications of probable lead times are not binding, Craft Me South Africa does however commit to honour these lead times wherever possible. For reasons of ‘force majeure’ or other circumstances beyond our control, we decline responsibility for replacement of late deliveries or deliveries not made. In particular, the following are considered reasons of ‘force majeure’: partial or total production stoppage, mobilization, war, strike, fire, importation bans or fixing of quotas or considerable increase in customs duty and in raw material costs.

5.1. Delivery Cost

Our delivery and installation charge will be 5% of the value of the invoice should the invoice be above
R 8000.00.
All invoices below R 8000.00 a minimum charge of R 480.00 will be charged.
Our delivery and installation charge will be 5.5% of the value of the invoice should the invoice be above
R 8000.00.
All invoices below R 8000.00 a minimum charge of R 580.00 will be charged.


Cost to be determined by CMSA

6. Payment
The amounts invoiced are payable upfront, without discount, except where other terms have been agreed in writing.

All Payments to be received after presentation of Prototypes and start of Production on Special Items.

7. Product Quality
We take every precaution to deliver only first-class products. Selection and delivery of our products are subject to careful inspection on our part. For this reason, the only guarantee which we grant is for the correction or replacement of products which have manufacturing or material defects. Notification of defects must be sent in writing within 7 (seven) days of receipt of goods. Material will NOT be considered for return if:
- The overall value is low
- The defect is as a result of incorrect use, negligence or accident on the customer’s part
- Notification of defect has not been made in the predetermined period
- There are any outstanding and overdue monies owed to Craft Me South Africa by the customer
- The goods are supplied in accordance with the customer’s order requirements


8. Returns, Cancellations and Handling Fee Policy
- In no circumstances, whatsoever shall Craft Me South Africa be liable to the Customer other than at Craft Me South Africa's sole and absolute discretion, to repair or replace any defective goods, or to refund the Customer the purchase price, less a handling fee equal or greater than 20% of the value of the goods returned.

- All cancelled orders or removed items after the order is placed will incur a penalty charge of 100% of the deposit paid. Any refunds authorized by CMSA will be made at a minimum of 60 days after cancellation. This may be extended due to third party involvement and terms.

9. Exclusive rights
Trade marks, drawings, pictures and projects remain the property of Craft Me South Africa. Without our express authorization their reproduction, use and communication to third parties are not permitted.

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